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Life Hacks For Stopping Foreclosure in 2019-2020

Up-to-date information on Government programs and policy changes in the home loan modification industry. HAMP HARP NACA and FLEX loan modification program. Homeowners advice on various financial issues and Advice on leveraging homeownership in their favor.With 15 years of experience I’ve got strategies to greatly improve your chances of Being APPROVE for you Modification.

Free Resources, Step By Step Guides ,Servicer Index with Contact Numbers, Term and Definitions all available at STANDARDPACIFICSOLUTIONS.COM also speak Live with a Loan Modification Consultant or A Real Foreclosure Attorney NOW! 866 977 0272

Thanks to our clients, we have been able to successfully fight against Banks, fraudulent Real Estate individuals and others who have defrauded or who have taken advantage of others throughout the country.  

Find the Best Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney In Your Local Area

Our legal network services Include

  • Review Your Real Estate Situation & Develop A Legal Strategy For You
  • We Treat Each Client With Compassion & Respect
  • Judicial Foreclosures (Plaintiffs and Defendants)
  • Predatory Lending Violations
  • Foreclosure Prevention Consultants Violations
  • Home Equity Purchases (while in default) Violations
  • Stop Mortgage Fraud
  • Enforcing A Judgment
  • Surplus Funds & Interpleaders

We have a long history of solving legal battles for our clients & helping them save their homes

Predatory mortgage lending, according to the office of inspector general of the FDIC, is “imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers.”

Our Attorneys fight on behalf of home owners against lenders.

Our Lawyers initiate the most feasible action on an individual bases and provide the best possible solution to help save your home!


Want to Modify your mortgage down to as low as 2%

We have a legal network of Attorneys that specialize in  residential loan modifications through various US Government programs 

Including: HAMP, HARP, NACA, Save Your Home California, Flex loan modification program and FHA loan Hardship modification. We have Planned out strategies for foreclosure prevention. 

This proven strategy can be applied to 99% of distressed homeowners requesting loan modification from Servicers

 The legal foreclosure process generally can’t start during the first 120 days after you’re behind on your mortgage. 

first step is to speak with a credit consultant to get a projection of what can be done in the modification time-frame .

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